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Norton Antivirus review  

Is it still the topper?

Being the biggest player of cyber security for many years is it still worthy or not?

This is an honest and friendly review after testing the Norton security for 90 days. Norton created the best product is Norton 360-degree security. It has many amazing features like a password manager, VPN, cloud backup and the best part of all features is parental control. They provide and customizes its product. Norton products are easy to use, added value and Norton 360 is perfect for every system.

Detail review

Many years ago Norton has many slugs in performance, unwanted notifications and interface are not very user-friendly. But Norton worked consistently and efficiently to overcome the previous problems and became the leader of the cyber-security industry. With the Norton 360 antivirus product. Norton has proved its reliability to its users.

Here are the details of Norton 360

  1. Norton 360 security features
  2. Device security
  3. Cloud backup
  4. Secure VPN
  5. Password manager
  6. Parental control(360 deluxe and 360 premium)
Norton Review
Device security

Norton uses the technology for antivirus is a “sonar”-Symantec online network for advanced responses. Sonar has many techniques to protect the system from malware. Sonar uses heuristics to analyze the behavior of files. There is no doubt that Norton is leading the market as a boss. It has a secure and powerful antivirus application. If your device is scanned by Norton and virus didn’t remove you are liable to get a full refund of money under Norton virus protection promise.

Cloud backup

Norton’s “cloud backup” feature offers secure remote storage for your files. There are three plans included in Norton products that are as follows.

  1.  Norton 360 standard. It includes 10 GB of cloud space.
  2.  Norton 360 deluxe. It includes 50 GB of cloud space.
  3.  Norton 360 premium. It includes 75 GB of cloud space.

These are the best available plans across all antivirus protection companies. Antivirus companies like comodo are provided only 50 GB of cloud space but Kaspersky provides only 2 GB of cloud space. Feature of cloud backup is good because of this you can easily access the files from your phone, your computer or from anywhere you could access the internet. You could retrieve your data in case the system gets crashed or damaged. Norton is offering cloud space because you can save your important and classified data from malware attacks and ransomware attacks.

Make your file safe from cyber attacks

Hackers uses ransomware virus to take control of all your system files and encrypt those files. Then they force you to pay the fees to decry-pt the files. If files are available on cloud it will not matter when data is hacked or stolen. Norton features are user-friendly so as cloud back up feature is also user-friendly. While setting up cloud back up Norton asks you which file to back up where to backup and when to backup.

Norton 360 products and plans
Parental control

Norton provides you parental control features to look out the online activity of your child when he is not so mature to use the device independently. It has features to control the activity and restrict the unwanted apps which you did not want your child to visit. The parental control feature blocks the app on your child’s device. Or you could manage or set the time limit for your child to use the apps. It has four pre-defined age sets from which you can choose the age group and every set of age groups has a different set of restrictions level according to the age group you choose. Younger children have strict rules as well as older children has more freedom than a younger child.

Secure VPN
  • Vpn establishes a secure connection between a device and the internet.
  • Norton provides a secure VPN and doesn’t store the data of the user.
  • Norton allows you use unlimited data as well as some other companies has limited data access through VPN.
Password manager

It can store your names, passwords, text notes, contact details and credit card details using the technology of 256-bit AES.


Norton has come a long way from sluggish and complicated to create the best available antivirus software in the market. Norton 360 is the easiest to use antivirus applications in the market to date.

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